Toa Voltaura is a character from the Solekian series of RPs. She is one of the main protagonists of the RPs, making her an important figure within the lore.




Voltaura was born as the result of the third and final successful experiment conducted by the Dark Hunters' Project Tempest. Due to the costs that their creation demanded, they were raised by Dark Hunters assigned to them by The Shadowed One. Voltaura received the Dark Hunter Destron as his tutor, but due to her young age she did not receive any training from them before Decker's rebellion.

The Wilderness

House of Two

Operation Enlightenment


The Sound of Breaking Glass

Abilities and Traits

Combat Ability


In contrast to her brother, her skills with the blade are very limited. She has little experience with other weapons outside of swords and knives, in which she is decently skilled.

Her strengths lie in her observational skills, reflexes and speed. Whereas her brother prefers to force his way through his opponent's defenses, Voltaura prefers to overwhelm the enemy with her swift attacks while avoiding all attacks, whether they be physical or mental using her reflexes and speed.


Even though her speed is one of her main advantages, maintaining it causes her to have very weak defenses. If one were to strike her with an armor-piercing weapon, it would cause massive damage.

She has little in the way for improvisational skills as well, so putting her in a tight situation would hamper her combat ability.

Toxins are another way to attack her, as she is not trained to resist venoms like her brother. Acids are also lethal as they will pierce her light armor.

Finally, Psionics users will find little resistance when infiltrating her mind, as she has no defenses set up against them.