Gold good guy (G2) Is a Solekian good guy, student of Sole, 2nd in command of the good guy team and one of the leaders of the Solekian revolution.


During his matoran years Gold good guy (or Lhikan as everybody called him back then) was fascinated with the Tanmanian empire, and wanted to spread the empire all over the gigaverse. He later became a powerful Toa Inquisistor of fire. Unfortunately for him his Toa team was killed by a Kanohi Dragon.

After the loss of his toa team, Gold good guy joined a team of Tanmanian grand inquisitors, a group created by Tanma, so they could stop all Solekian influences, plus non-Tanmanian Toa in the Tanmanian empire. Gold Good Guy was then sent with a team of other Toa Inquisistors to stop Sole's Solekian rebellion. 


After many years of fighting against the Solekians, Gold good guy was finally defeated by the Solekians. Fortunately for Gold good guy, the Solekian leader "Sole" spared his life. Inside the Solekian prison, Gold good guy recieved a vision from Klakk , that told him he would join the prophesied heroes in their fight for peace and justice in the gigaverse.

His master Sole taught Gold good guy the ways of Solek and what the Solekians and their Photokian allies were working to achieve. Gold good guy then joined Sole's Good Guy team, and got his nickname "Gold Good Guy", to hid his true identity. Gold good guy also replaced his lime green limbs with grey limbs. Unfortunately his training was short, since a Toa Inquisistor assassinated him. 

Shortly after Sole's death, Gold good guy took over his role as the "spiritual" leader. The Solekians with Gold good guy in lead later on managed to take over the Av-theistic temple of Kardokoto, where the holy body of Solek lies. 

The Prophesied Heroes

Gold Good Guy met the first chosen ones (Toa AlteronKingyCorgi PorgiThok and Joshi) at the Av-Theist Temple, and has since then helped the chosen ones on their journey. Sometimes he has left the team, in order to translate one of the pieces of the Tablet of Av-theism with other Good Guys.