The Prophesied Heroes- Are the heroes prophesied by the ancient stone tablet of Av-theism to save the Gigaverse from the forces from corrupted lime green, Mesonak, awaken Solek and bring the perfect Av-theist utopia. 

Since the ancient stone tablet is broken, the complete history of the prophecy is unknown. Nobody knows who broke it. At first Solekian and Photokian scholars claimed it was destroyed by Tanma or Mesonak, but after looking deeper into the matter, the full stone tablet was never shown to these two, which makes the Stone tablet quite mysterious in it's nature. 

So we know there is going to be six Toa and six Protector's, but is unknown if there will be more of them in the future.

Abilities and powers

Each Toa and Protector has their own elemental powers, and all of them have their own secret power. They also have access to a large chain forged by Karzahni (the being, not the hell) himself which can stun large beings such as the Tanmezoki , MezokiProto-Mezoki and send small ones to Karzahni.

When the heroes have awakened Solek , they will all recieve their extremely powerful powers and armor, that represent all of the Av-theistic colors (1/4 will have white armor, 1/4 grey armor, 1/4 orange armor, 1/4 non-corrupt lime armor). This transformation will them the most powerful Toa and Protectors in the Gigaverse. 

If the Toa and Protectors form a Kaita in their Solek-given armor, they'll become one giant united being with all the Av-theistic colors. This Kaita is only 5x less powerful than the Av-matoran gods.

The six Toa

The six Protectors


  • Gold Good Guy: Solekian Prophet, and the "leader" of the team
  • Bingzak: The young second "leader" of the team
  • TahataiA Ga-matoran who is the combat partner of Joshi
  • Green Good GuyA green good guy who joined the toa team in Chapter 2
  • Mark the Wanderer: A deceased warrior, who was brought back to life, but died later again
  • Shake Your Foundations: A being with Toa-like powers, summoned as a so-called "Stand" by Tahatai. It has Toa-Level of Water and gold-based powers
  • Danny Devito/The Trash Man/ Toa HewkiiA Solekian leader, who disguises as the Trash Man, in order to not be killed by Toa Inquisitors
  • TurkaanA gold skakdi, that is an expert in killing Matoranzokis.
  • Good Guy: The second in command of the Guys
  • Medirak:  Actually, he is going to be the villain of season 3, so maybe in the end he'll become our ally? (most likely not)
  • Barple Bapkins: A man that was melted together with a duck during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He lost half of his brain, resulting in him somewhat losing the feeling of pain, excels at unarmed combat. The Solekians found him in Tazmania unable to find a way out of the nuclear wasteland
  • Vadim Painter:A Mercenary in the Clear Sky faction in chernobyl, he was hired to explore the wastelands of tasmania in 2010, he still wasn't called to go back in chernobyl where his home is. He is also a great painter

People that could be a Toa or a Protector