Photok is the Av-Matoran God of Orange, and is the brother of Solek, Tanma and Mesonak. He was responsible for the design and form of the Bioverse and its many interstellar objects such as galaxies, stars, planets etc, and other things. Photok’s primary color is Orange, the color of unity, creation and solidarity. His secondary color is grey, which represents harmony and structure. He is also the leader of the Photokommunist party of the Photokian Union/UPPF (United Photokian Phocialist Federation).


Photok, like his Av-Matoran brothers, were created in a process of light and colors mixing and uniting together in bigger units for over millions, billions or even trillions of years. Photok was also one of the main architects and designers for the creation of the Bioverse, being the one most responsible for the visual design of the Bioverse.

When Mesonak attacked the Bioverse, Photok joined his brothers fight to stop him, and helped Tanma to create Karzahni, which was originally intended to be for Mesonak only.

During the rebuilding of the Bioverse, Photok had his pure lime color from his headpiece stolen by Tanma, who planned to pour that lime green from him and Solek into the Mask of Life, in order to get an absolute control of all life in the Bioverse (except the Av-Matoran Gods)


Abilities and Traits