KardoKoto is a tropical island that is located on a fallen Stalagtite inside of an unnamed desert planet


The island is located underground, but well-Iit through a hole in the planet's surface, so that flowers and trees are able to flourish and form a lush environment, ranging from swamps and jungles to meadows and savannahs. A deep natural indentation by the edge of the stalactite island has turned into a basin that has gathered both rainwater from above and water that leaks from inside the rock and now serves as one of the main water sources and the home to many water-dwelling creatures as well as the Area in which most water-elemental beings, such as members of the water tribe and Ga-Matoran dwell.

The area in which the most sun shines has turned into a hot, scorching desert, in which life is almost impossible except for the most daring and durable beings. A small portion of the island tha tthe light never touches has turned into a cold, dark and icy tundra, where darkness reigns supreme and even Tanmanians are scared to enter.

Located in the Center of the Island is the Av-Theism temple, in which Solek's unconscious body used to rest, though the temple was recently destroyed by a meteorite crashing into it.

In the Swampland south of the Temple, the base of the Tanmanians is situated; a large, Scientifically advanced complex with what is claimed to be the biggest assortment of torture instruments in the entire gigaverse.

The Village of Ga-Koto is a beachy area filled with restaurants and other amusement establishments, the tourist trap of KardoKoto. Located near the bay area is also an inactive volcano that has many legends written about it, feeding more into the popularity of the village


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