Toa Clorox is one of the main protagonists of the Solekian series of RPs. He is a toa of plasma. Clorox wears an odd version of the kanohi Pakari, the mask of strength.



Clorox was created on the 27th Artakix 4.944.993 AGS. He saw slight combat action in the ending months of the Jallerian-Photokian war, even getting wounded in the chest by a bullet. In 4.944.997 AGS, he moved to the Solekian Theocratic Confederation to find work. He found work at a small Jallerian soft drink company known as Voya-Cola. There, he met his long time comrade, Kingy, and they developed a friendship so strong, even when getting in drunk fights they still hugged it out in the end. Kingy and Clorox were known to throw pranks during work hours, especially on Robbinsox's daughter, Zofi. One day Kingy and Clorox staged a Photokian revolution prank which went horribly wrong when Kingy accidentally shot Robbinsox. Instead of a mock revolution, they created an actual one. The photokians were impressed by their revolutionary deeds and offered them a job at the PCFS immediately.

PCFS days

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Joining Sigma

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Operation Enlightenment

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Abilities and traits

Clorox wields a Plasma Axe as a melee weapon but almost at all times prefers to use the Solekian SMG and a Luger instead. Clorox is physically strong but is slow and not agile.

Like other Toa of Plasma, Clorox has plasma powers, such as:

  • Creating plasma.
  • Controlling plasma.
  • Vaporizing objects.
  • Absorbing plasma.
  • Melting objects.
  • Unleashing a Plasma Nova Blast 
  • Increasing or decreasing the temperature of plasma.

Combat Analysis


Due to the kanohi Pakari, Clorox has immense physical strength. He is very resistant to damage and it often takes many hits before he becomes weak. Being a toa of Plasma, Clorox also has a natural resistance to high temperatures and heat.


Clorox is slow and not agile.